CR Biweekly Update——Feb 28th

This week, CR biweekly was revised. To follow the progress of CR election, the introduction about CR candidates or the interview of them was reported. We also shared with you the CR suggestions and proposals that sparked heated discussions in communities. In addition, CR Herald will synchronously update the bilingual version, in order to provide a better information sharing channel for users from both foreign and domestic communities.

Now, let’s have a look at this issue of CR biweekly.

01 Community Dynamic


  • Tuum team gave its interpretation of the technical dynamics of biweekly and explained some contents in particular.

  • Elastos Academy dApp was launched on elastOS browser. On the first day of the launch, the downloads came to 250 times. On February 14, dApp was upgraded. The functions upgraded are shown as follows.

1. Earn points by completing challenges

2. Compete against friends

3. Private, decentralized & encrypted chat

4. Move up global ranks to become top 3

5. Join guilds and compete against others

  • FundMyDapp award-winner — Devault. The project progress was updated. The development plan for February:

Major UI Redesign (Done)

Redesign implementation (Done)

Additional features (Done)

Local storage encryption method improvement (Done)

PlayStore alpha release (Pending approval)

iOS build app submission (In Progress)

Website redesign

Devault is a blockchain based steal proof multi vault system, powered by Elastos ETH side chain. Devault aims to be an essential tool to the current world to protect most valued digital assets, data and information from digital theft by securing data in multiple vaults with multilayered security making impossible to crack the system. Devault system is governed by Proof of Authentication model. All that owner has to do is to remember One Passphrase which is generated during account setup.


  • On February 14, the activity themed on “ELA Talk-CR Committee Member Election” kicked off officially. Candidates for CR committee member will be invited to ELA Talk successively, to share their views with you.

Thanks to this activity, you will develop a good understanding of the committee member candidates, their planning, and the suggestions on ELA development. We sincerely invite you to cast a valuable ballot for them.

We are very honored to invite Mr. Feng Zhang, the CR interim Council Committee member, to the activity. He will continue to run for the official CR committee member. During this activity, he shared with community members his campaign concept: the four dimensions of CR on-chain governance.

  • On February 13, CR Herald team initiated the activity of「A Charitable Move of ELA Community to Combat Virus: In This Virus-Epidemic Spring, We Stay Together」, to collect ELA tokens from ELA communities in order to make donations. All the funds collected, OTC details and materials and goods donated will be publicized. Information about the materials and goods received by hospitals will also be publicized to communities.
  • On February 21, Mr. Qing Zhang, a member of Elastos Chinese community, the candidate for CR Committee and the general manager of Biteng Information Technology, was invited to the “ELA Talk-CR Committee Member Election” activity, to share his views on the topic -「ELA CR On-chain Governance Promotes Global Cooperation on Digital Economy」, during which he gave an introduction of the currency evolution history, digital economy development and ELA’s contribution to digital economy, and also shared his thinking about CR on-chain social practice in particular.

02 Developer and Ecology

  • In the 40 days since the release of elastOS, the downloads exceeded 10,000 times. Data source: Google Play

● Elastos community governance is about to step into a new stage. After more than a year’s efforts, reparations for the project have been basically done. The CR website basically took shape, which was made up by the sections including CR articles of association, suggestions, proposals, CR forum, CR weekly and so on. Up to now, CR website has received 147 community proposals. News and matters about CR will be reported on CR weekly at regular intervals.

The latest version of Elastos Wallet which is used to support CR election, is about to be released. By then, the CR election will kick off officially, and community members who intend to participate in the CR election can set about making preparations for the election. Community candidates can give a statement of their opinions and relevant experience and competence on CR forum or through community channels. The whole community will pay continuous attention to the community governance ideas and the experience of candidates. Community members can interact with candidates in order to get a better understanding of them.

● elastOS, the decentralized browser of Elastos, was released. elastOS integrates the underlying technical code services of Elastos, and has them combined into a framework for dApp developers to use. dApp developers can write an application only with the help of ionic javascript framework.

Besides, elastOS also provides a decentralized wallet which is compatible with all Elastos infrastructure. With this wallet, users can initiate a transaction on ELA mainchain or DID sidechain. It also allows the easy integration of third-party application, and requests for payment authorization.

Like a safe channel for code operation and data storage, elastOS, based on joint mining, uses the great hash capability of Bitcoin to protect its network. As a result, any code that directly operates on the blockchain will be securely protected, no matter the sending of ELA or the operation of ETH smart contract or NEO smart contract on corresponding Elastos sidechain.

03 Hot Suggestions and Proposals

This issue focuses on two suggestions.Suggestion #191: Locket, and Suggestion #228: Starwire

1. Locket

Locket is an online social dAPP. It is suggested that DID solution of Elastos should be used in its dAPP. On the CR interim Council Committee meeting, Yipeng Su, a member of the Committee Member, indicated that based on the suggestions, the dAPP fit Elastos perfectly. Alex Shipp believed that both the Elastos application cases and the great marketing opportunities were valuable, which may benefit Elastos a lot in marketing. Alex has got in touch with the “suggestion” proposer and his team. Discussions about it are being made.

2. Starwire

Starwire suggested to CR that reliable minimum viable product and community benefit should be created to achieve sustainable development. Starwire has the responsibility to take advantage of the incubation period to get risk investment needed, so as to have the product perfected and marketed. Starwire team is attempting to establishing connections with film makers and musicians through its platform.

This suggestion was also mentioned on the CR interim Council Commitee meeting. Yipeng Su, a member of the Preparatory Committee, showed concern for how the team should implement the project. He regarded Starwire and Matrix as shareholders, and wanted to learn more information about the development team. In his opinion, the team should deepen the understanding of Elastos technology. He himself was trying to make Elastos technology fit Starwire more perfectly. Alex Shipp pointed out that even though Starwire would not use the core technology of Elastos, the project had many advantages, especially in planning the development of SCB (smart contract construction) tools which had the service potential. In the future, a lot of

other dApps will be built in the Elastos ecosystem. Su planned to go deeper into the deliverables and the milestone, and to make further discussions.

04 CR Election

Up to now, 15 candidates have registered for the election, 8 from Chinese community and 7 from international community.

CRC interview — — Adem Bilican

*interview source:CR Press

  • Nationality: French & Turkish
  • Age: 34
  • Profession: Independent developer

Why do you want to be on the CR Council?

Being on the CR Council represents more than just having a right to vote for proposals. We are talking about a completely new and decentralized governance system that will play a big role in the development of the Elastos project and Blockchain technology in general. I believe that the CR Council has a power that cannot be denied and it should be used to further progress the domain. Therefore, I would like to take part in the team that is going to shape the future of Elastos and provide all necessary input to make this happen.

What qualifies you to be on the CR Council?

I am a longtime developer and have been involved in several other Blockchain related projects. My main focus is developing mobile apps for Blockchain projects. I believe that the mass adoption we are all dreaming about will happen via mobile platforms. Therefore, I am putting all my energy to create useful mobile Dapps that people will use in their daily lives without the need of knowing anything about Blockchain technology. We have an amazing technology at Elastos; now it’s show time!

What contributions have you already shown to the CR?

I am the lead developer of the Elastos Unity project. I wrote the proposal last year and it was accepted by the Council. Therefore, I already have some experience on writing proposals and communicating with the CR and the PM that was assigned to our project. Elastos Unity puts the foundation to help developers bring Elastos to their existing (or new) apps. In addition, I recently started working on Elabox, a small plug-and-play solution to run your own Elastos full node at home. This little machine will help strengthen the network and spread the word about Elastos. In addition to being a full Elastos node, the Elabox will also run the DID and Token sidechain as well as the Carrier network. Users will then be able to use their own nodes in every app connecting to the Blockchain without the need to trust any other third party service.

Please give us a short statement that represents your future vision for the Cyber Republic, and how you plan to champion that vision by joining the CR Council.

With the Cyber Republic elected council members we will reach a new era for the future of DAOs. With the power the CR has we can shape the future of Elastos and the Blockchain technology in general. To make this happen we need to bring more developers to the project. For that purpose, I would like to put the emphasis on the Proposals section of the CR that I believe still remains quite unknown outside of our own community. By letting people know about the Proposals section we will attract more active developers to the project. In addition, I would like to propose research grants for the development of Elastos at the academic level. If we want to reach a point where states are using Elastos, we have to be present in the academic world as well. One can think of a PhD grant in collaboration with a well known University.

*We are not native English speakers, sorry for some not authentic words :p

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