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Aug 31, 2020

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CR Herald Biweekly Update — — Aug 26th

The bi-weekly newspaper will continue to bring you the recent news of Elastos community. Enjoy your reading. 👇

Elastos, as an operating system (OS) designed by the Modern Internet, takes the blockchain as the trusted foundation and uses various technical components and unique system architecture of Elastos as the underlying infrastructure to operate in a way different from the traditional Internet infrastructure.

With the continuous development of the Modern Internet of Elastos, its infrastructure and technical components have seen increasingly abundant contents. In this regard, CR Biweekly regularly collects important data and community trends from mainstream platforms, in a bid to shed light upon the all-around development of Elastos.

· Important data tracking

Important data of Elastos shown in this article include: code update data, market value ranking data, joint mining data, DPoS supernode and other data.

● Elastos Coincodecap platform code data

As a vital embodiment of the value of the blockchain project, code data has always been paid great attention to by the blockchain community. In the code ranking part, the ranking of Coincodecap was captured.

Coincodecap is a data website that specializes in tracking GitHub updates of blockchain projects. It has tracked over 700 projects by capturing GitHub data and is authoritative for technical updates such as blockchain project codes. Among the major platforms for blockchain project code rating, the activity of Elastos code is continuously updated. In Coincodecap’s annual activity ranking, Elastos ranks 23th and Elastos code ranks 15th.

● As the world’s largest encrypted data website, Elastos CMC platform data CoinMarketCap is a crucial link in the encrypted currency ecology. The price, market value, circulation and other data it provides are widely referenced by investors and are channels for investors to understand real-time market information such as blockchain projects.

According to CMC data, ELA ranked 140th in the CMC’s market value ranking in August, with a circulation of 18,391,200 ELA and a circulation market value of $42,308,632 USD


Elastos GitHub platform code data

GitHub, as the world’s largest open source code hosting platform, is an important reference basis for open source project code development. Elastos has many code bases on GitHub. Among them, there are a great many of substantial code achievements on the main chain, side chain, Trinity, Carrier, wallet and other code bases of Elastos Project. Many different types of SDK codes provide call methods and authentication methods for different programming languages, and offer rich materials and abundant development tools for the developer community.

Currently, Elastos GitHub database contains a total of more than 100 subproject code bases for community members and developers to view GitHub database, carry out retrieval and view code updates. According to the collation of the developer community, this article presents the daily active code statistics library for the vast number of developers and third-party organizations. The address base contains 22 daily active code bases since Elastos Github was established in 2018. The address of Elastos GitHub’s daily active code statistic library is:

Meanwhile, according to the relevant code activity statistical tools provided by the developer community, the update and code activity of Elastos Github codes can be obtained through the statistical tools to retrieve statistical database data.

According to the captured statistical database data, the monthly active data is shown in the figure:

Code Active Data from August 18 to August 25

Total submission


Total modification


Total addition


Total deletion



ELA merged mining hash power
ELA merged mining, as a crucial component of AuxPOW+DPoS, an Elastos hybrid consensus mechanism, has greatly guaranteed the security of Elastos’s main network by borrowing bitcoin’s powerful hash power. Besides, major mining pools show their support for Elastos and join ELA merged mining in succession. In this way, the main network of Elastos will get stronger and stronger. Data show that the highest peak value of the main network hash power of Elastos is about 65.65% of the total network hash power of BTC.


DPoS online voting proportion
DPOS Supernode, as one of the three consensuses of Elastos, represents that all members of the global Elastos community can serve as guardians of the blockchain network, providing computing and verification for Elastos network. Besides, it has fully mobilized the activity of Elastos community and the enthusiasm of members to participate. According to ELA Wallet data, a total of 88 supernodes participated in the statistical summary, with the node voting accounting for 16.54% of the total.

Source: ELA Wallet

· Community

English Community

● On August 21, AMA activity was held online for the 3rd anniversary of the Elastos English Community. The event invited Elastos founder Chen Rong, Elastos technical leader Clarence Liu, Tuum technical development leader Kiran Pachhai, Hyper project leader Peter Strauss, and the head of Elastos Carrier and Runtime Niu Jingyu, and made specific sharing on DeFi, applications on elastOS, and DID Ethereum sidechain.

Playback of online live:

● After the online AMA activity for the 3rd-anniversary celebration, the team produced a series of videos on the technical progress of the core team. Tuum team is invited for the event being narrated by Donnie Bullers.

● As a partner, Elastos participated in The Road to Metamorphosis Hackathon.

● The Elastos Orchard team published “The Odyssey of Rong Chen”, reviewing the founder Chen Rong’s experience from 1977 to the present.


Chinese Community

On August 12, the new work “Blockchain Revolution: The Driving Force of Transformation for Modern Technology, Economy, Industry, and Society” co-authored by Han Feng, the co-founder of Elastos, was first published at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. Blockchain is a spirit and a way of thinking. Furthermore, it is a revolution, a technical revolution for mankind, and in a sense the fourth technical revolution in human history.

● On August 16, the administrator team of Elastos’ Chinese Community attended the Elastos Talk. Each of the Chinese Community administrators has different experiences and background, but they gathered together to participate in and promote the development of the Elastos Chinese Community, and form a group of firm supporters of Elastos. Rooting in the Elastos Chinese Community, they take the responsibilities to maintain the community’s basic construction, interactive communication and pay attention to the dynamics of the community. They act as a bridge in promoting communication between the community and CR.

The CR Council is composed of more than ten members from the Chinese community administrator team. The responsibilities of the CR Council is jointly undertaken by five working representatives. Regarding the team’s decision-making mechanism, it is to started with the independent voting of the five working representatives, and then to form the final team voice based on the principle of the minority obeying the majority. In the event, four representatives of the administrator team, Hu Ge, Shaonian, Wanwan, and Infi, were invited to share their experience since involving in the CR Council, as well as their anticipations for the development of the Elastos community.

● On August 15, Han Feng, the co-founder of Elastos, participated in the 2020 International Digital Economy Ecology Summit held in Ganzhou, and stated at the meeting that blockchain will bring wealth to the country and people of China, and the free market is a distributed computing system equivalent to a Turing machine, all the well-developed civilization carriers are constantly improving the transaction efficiency of the “system” to enrich the economy. Transactions require a credit medium, and the wealth consensus of the free market is also based on the credit medium.

In the future, national power will rely on data. The individual privatization of data will transform it into wealth, and the digital economy of China will bring new digital wealth.

● On August 17, the online forum of “DeFi Digital Finance Breakthrough”, co-organized by Block Finance and JRR Crypto and supported by HALO, was officially launched in the Block community. Han Feng, the co-founder of Elastos, was invited to attend the event.
Han Feng mentioned that the current popularity of DeFi is the inevitable development logic of the blockchain wealth consensus, which is beyond a simple understanding. DeFi will become the tipping point of this year’s market. Without liquidity, no financial market will be created. Only through reaching the financial consensus by all, it will be able to realize the essence of the digital economy.

● On August 22, the online celebration of the 3rd anniversary of the Elastos Chinese Community was successfully carried out, which specially invited heavyweight guests and community representatives, including 3 Elastos founding team members, 2 ecological partners, 3 community media, and several community activists. Participants gathered together and talked about Elastos’ technology development, ecological construction, and growth as a blockchain autonomous community. Chen Rong, the founder of Elastos, mentioned that Elastos is positioned as the Tier Two network, while Crypto projects such as ETH World Computer, Web3.0 (Polkadot), DeFi, and IPFS all belong to Tier One.

Just like hard disk storage cannot be accessed directly, CPU can only access to hard disk storage through memory acceleration, and all the Tier One cannot be directly used by consumers. It is not realistic for each project to develop Tier Two on their own. In that case, they will be isolated from each other and cannot realize interworking. Therefore, network OS coordination is required. The goal of Elastos is to build a P2P intelligent Internet platform for the public to achieve intercommunication; the PC2 that can be used by ordinary people to protect and trade their own data; the legal and compliant digital legal currency decentralized finance that can be popularized among the public.

Han Feng, the co-founder of Elastos, mentioned that there are signs indicating the forming of a bull market, and Elastos is well prepared for the coming bull market. There are strong signs that hotspots such as decentralized storage and DeFi will become the outlets of the next bull market, and the logic of these hotspots should also be on the track of “data capitalization”. Elastos plans to deploy in the real oracle model field to introduce a large amount of real traffic into DeFi and ensure that these real users and data can generate greater value in it.

Special report on the 3rd Anniversary of Elastos ▏Feng Han, co-founder of Elastos: The core concept of the real oracle is to break circle limits, which is to introduce mainstream traffic into the world of digital assets

Carrier and Runtime team leader Niu Jingyu were invited to share at the event. During the sharing, Mr. Niu Jingyu specifically introduced the development and application of Elastos’ core basic components, such as Carrier, Hive, and DID. He also indicated that the current Elastos platform is ready to support application development and ecological landing.

Special report on the 3rd Anniversary of Elastos ▏Carrier and Runtime team leader Niu Jingyu: Elastos platform technology development and subsequent planning

Song Shijun, the team leader of the Elephant Wallet, was invited to share at the event. In his sharing, Mr. Song Shijun said that Elephant Wallet is positioned as a community wallet, open to accept various proposals, and will be accordingly improved based on the consensus of the community. Meanwhile, the Elephant Wallet team will integrate the emerging economy and apply blockchain technology to regain the rights and interests previously occupied by the “intermediary”, and release their productivity, so that all the related individuals can jointly create greater benefits.

Special report on the 3rd Anniversary of Elastos ▏Song Shijun, team leader of the elephant wallet: Elephant wallet and ecological construction

● Elastos Chinese Community announced the details of the ELA donation and distribution for the 3rd anniversary online celebration.

● GreenPass has launched an updated version that supports Blockstack, providing users with more login options and a more secure experience.
In the upgraded GreenPass application, BlockStack Login has become a decentralized ID login method of GreenPass, allowing users to directly use the secure Blockstack ID for login access.

● Recently, GreenPass, an ecological application on Elastos, has reached a strategic cooperation with Baile Xiaolai elderly care service organization to jointly develop the “blockchain + elderly care” field. Nowadays, the issue of elderly care has attracted more and more attention, and the concept of smart elderly care is also being applied more widely in the elderly care service system. Intelligence, Internet of Things, and interconnection are considered as main directions for its evolution, and “blockchain + elderly care” enables the system to realize the dynamic integration of service, operation, and supervision.

● elastOS, as the gathering site for the flagship applications of the Elastos ecosystem, has always been highly anticipated and concerned. Its development team of Trinity Tech has also strived to optimize and perfect elastOS, and released “Explore elastOS: Future Development Plan”, introducing the overall planning and layout of elastOS. Meanwhile, the Trinity Tech team collaborated with the community team, and formulated plans for new feature development. At present, elastOS has successfully released a version for Android and the latest UX/UI, providing users with a better experience. This article aims to share the development progress of elastOS in iOS and desktop version, as well as the new features of the upcoming elastOS version.