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Elastos, as an operating system (OS) designed by the Modern Internet, takes the blockchain as the trusted foundation and uses various technical components and unique system architecture of Elastos as the underlying infrastructure to operate in a way different from the traditional Internet infrastructure.

With the continuous development of the Modern Internet of Elastos, its infrastructure and technical components have seen increasingly abundant contents. In this regard, CR Biweekly regularly collects important data and community trends from mainstream platforms, in a bid to shed light upon the all-around development of Elastos.

· Important data tracking

● Elastos Coincodecap platform code data

As a vital embodiment of the value of the blockchain project, code data has always been paid great attention to by the blockchain community. In the code ranking part, the ranking of Coincodecap was captured.

Coincodecap is a data website that specializes in tracking GitHub updates of blockchain projects. It has tracked over 700 projects by capturing GitHub data and is authoritative for technical updates such as blockchain project codes. Among the major platforms for blockchain project code rating, the activity of Elastos code is continuously updated. In Coincodecap’s annual activity ranking, Elastos ranks 15th and Elastos code ranks 16th.

● As the world’s largest encrypted data website, Elastos CMC platform data CoinMarketCap is a crucial link in the encrypted currency ecology. The price, market value, circulation and other data it provides are widely referenced by investors and are channels for investors to understand real-time market information such as blockchain projects.

According to CMC data, ELA ranked 181st in the CMC’s market value ranking in August, with a circulation of 17,244,540 ELA and a circulation market value of $31,615,214 USD.


Elastos GitHub platform code data

GitHub, as the world’s largest open source code hosting platform, is an important reference basis for open source project code development. Elastos has many code bases on GitHub. Among them, there are a great many of substantial code achievements on the main chain, side chain, Trinity, Carrier, wallet and other code bases of Elastos Project. Many different types of SDK codes provide call methods and authentication methods for different programming languages, and offer rich materials and abundant development tools for the developer community.

Currently, Elastos GitHub database contains a total of more than 100 subproject code bases for community members and developers to view GitHub database, carry out retrieval and view code updates. According to the collation of the developer community, this article presents the daily active code statistics library for the vast number of developers and third-party organizations. The address base contains 22 daily active code bases since Elastos Github was established in 2018. The address of Elastos GitHub’s daily active code statistic library is:

Meanwhile, according to the relevant code activity statistical tools provided by the developer community, the update and code activity of Elastos Github codes can be obtained through the statistical tools to retrieve statistical database data.

According to the captured statistical database data, the monthly active data is shown in the figure:

Code Active Data from September 9 to October 9

Total submission


Total modification


Total addition


Total deletion



ELA merged mining hash power
ELA merged mining, as a crucial component of AuxPoW+DPoS, an Elastos hybrid consensus mechanism, has greatly guaranteed the security of Elastos’s main network by borrowing bitcoin’s powerful hash power. Besides, major mining pools show their support for Elastos and join ELA merged mining in succession. In this way, the main network of Elastos will get stronger and stronger. Data show that the highest peak value of the main network hash power of Elastos is about 53.4% of the total network hash power of BTC.


· Community News·

● On October 20th, “2020BLOCK GLOBAL ECO SUMMIT and the First Anniversary of the Data Capitalization Wave” took place in Shenzhen, China, signifying the official establishment of FilDA, a one-stop financial service alliance revolving around Filecoin.

Han Feng, Elastos co-founder, was invited to host the roundtable conference with the theme of “New Infrastructure•Filecoin Breakthrough”. Discussions and exchanges on Filecoin ecological development and Defi construction among participants such as IPFS Force Zone founder Zhang Chenglong, IPFS Starland CEO Li Yandong, open source mining pool partner Fang Yunhao, Xinggong Data CEO Cai Qing and Zheng Xiping, the founder of 1024IPFS was carried out. They reached the consensus that the establishment of the FilDA alliance was at the right time, which would inject new vitality into the Filecoin community and remove the unstable factors regarding previous miners’ disputes.The establishment of the FilDA Alliance will lay an important foundation for the development of the DeFi ecosystem on Filecoin.

The FilDA alliance was organized by Han Feng, the co-founder of Elastos, and was jointly supported by FBG Zhou Shuoji, Cobo Shenyu, Guo Hongcai and other blockchain industry pioneers. The FilDA alliance community has gathered the support of miners with more than 50% of the IPFS network’s computing power, including IPFS Force Zone, Starland, Shanghai Chuxun, Open Source Mining Pool, and Xinggong Data.

FilDA will build diversified financial services based on Filecoin, and is devoted to fully empowering Filecoin’s upstream and downstream DeFi scenarios with a series of safe and high-quality DeFi products, long-term and sustained DeFi revenue, and decentralized Fil pledge, lending, wealth management.

● On October 20th, Bittrex Global, a world-renowned cryptocurrency exchange was officially launched by ELA. According to data from CoinMarketCap, Bittrex Global ranks tenth in the world in terms of daily trading volume.

Based on Bittrex Global’s announcement, Bittrex Global officially launched Elastos ELA at 22:00 on October 20th, Beijing time, opening ELA/BTC and ELA/USDT trading pairs.

Recharge time: 22:00, October 20, 2020, Beijing time

Rrading time: 22:00, October 21, 2020, Beijing time

English community

● ELA launched SimpleSwap exchange.

● Overseas communities published an article “Why Elastos is another major technological breakthrough after Ethereum?”.

· CR proposal updates·

#55 provide elastos community with high availability, high stability and high security blockchain data API service

Detailed interpretation:

#55 provide elastos community with high availability, high stability and high security blockchain data API service P

roposer: Zhang Bocheng

Number of likes: 🌟*6

Abstract: elastos has launched many main side chains such as the ELA main chain, ID side chain and ETH side chain. Many dApp including Identity, Assit, Wallet, feeds and plug-in wallet MetaMask that support ETH side chain have accumulated many users in the community. The operation of these APPs depends on API services. API services is needed to read the data on the chain and exchange information with the chain.

As of now, API services are faced with obstacles such as lack of server resources, inability to obtain timely upgrades and maintenance, and low security due to the lack of financial support. Problems such as poor availability, low stability, and vulnerability to attacks still exist. These problems act as a time bomb of the elastos ecology and will have a severe negative impact on the entire elastos ecology when explosive growth of feeds, DeFi and other application users occur. As a result, it will restrict the development of elastos ecology.

Under the support of this proposal, we will apply multiple servers to form an elastos node cluster, and guarantee the stability and availability of API services through some redundancy design, ensuring the security, stability, and reliability of API services under high traffic conditions. It can provide solid basement support for the ecological development of elastos.

Proposal status: in the process

The above proposals are still in heated discussion. If you have better ideas, please visit the CR webpage, leave a message and discuss. Website address 👇

· Overview of ecological applications ·

● After Elastos announced its integration with Chainlink, a market-leading service provider for decentralized oracle, Vulcan Link has been striving to move Chainlink’s decentralized oracle service from Ethereum to Elastos. This is also part of Vulcan Link’s expectations of the future market demand for side chains, as the second-tier dApps require reliable price data as a reference.

Please visit the test website to check the data:

At present, the preliminary proof of concept of ELA/USD has been completed on the Elastos sidechain test website. Therefore, Vulcan Link recently shared the development plans for the next step. These plans will facilitate the launch of Chainlink oracle services on Elastos.

● Elaphat team announced the follow-up progress of the previous proposal on the integration of the Web 3.0 engine and the development of FIL coin function on CR. Specific progress of the joint transplant and development of three DeFi basic protocols: TokSwap, Quicksilver and ShadowTokens in conjunction with Elabank and community developers have also been clarified.

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