CR Herald Biweekly Update — — Sep 23rd

The bi-weekly newspaper will continue to bring you the recent news of Elastos community. Enjoy your reading. 👇

Elastos, as an operating system (OS) designed by the Modern Internet, takes the blockchain as the trusted foundation and uses various technical components and unique system architecture of Elastos as the underlying infrastructure to operate in a way different from the traditional Internet infrastructure.

With the continuous development of the Modern Internet of Elastos, its infrastructure and technical components have seen increasingly abundant contents. In this regard, CR Biweekly regularly collects important data and community trends from mainstream platforms, in a bid to shed light upon the all-around development of Elastos.

· Important data tracking

● Elastos Coincodecap platform code data

As a vital embodiment of the value of the blockchain project, code data has always been paid great attention to by the blockchain community. In the code ranking part, the ranking of Coincodecap was captured.

Coincodecap is a data website that specializes in tracking GitHub updates of blockchain projects. It has tracked over 700 projects by capturing GitHub data and is authoritative for technical updates such as blockchain project codes. Among the major platforms for blockchain project code rating, the activity of Elastos code is continuously updated. In Coincodecap’s annual activity ranking, Elastos ranks 15th and Elastos code ranks 16th.

● As the world’s largest encrypted data website, Elastos CMC platform data CoinMarketCap is a crucial link in the encrypted currency ecology. The price, market value, circulation and other data it provides are widely referenced by investors and are channels for investors to understand real-time market information such as blockchain projects.

According to CMC data, ELA ranked 140th in the CMC’s market value ranking in August, with a circulation of 17,244,540 ELA and a circulation market value of $31,644,393 USD.


Elastos GitHub platform code data

GitHub, as the world’s largest open source code hosting platform, is an important reference basis for open source project code development. Elastos has many code bases on GitHub. Among them, there are a great many of substantial code achievements on the main chain, side chain, Trinity, Carrier, wallet and other code bases of Elastos Project. Many different types of SDK codes provide call methods and authentication methods for different programming languages, and offer rich materials and abundant development tools for the developer community.

Currently, Elastos GitHub database contains a total of more than 100 subproject code bases for community members and developers to view GitHub database, carry out retrieval and view code updates. According to the collation of the developer community, this article presents the daily active code statistics library for the vast number of developers and third-party organizations. The address base contains 22 daily active code bases since Elastos Github was established in 2018. The address of Elastos GitHub’s daily active code statistic library is:

Meanwhile, according to the relevant code activity statistical tools provided by the developer community, the update and code activity of Elastos Github codes can be obtained through the statistical tools to retrieve statistical database data.

According to the captured statistical database data, the monthly active data is shown in the figure:

Code Active Data from August 22 to September 22

Total submission


Total modification


Total addition


Total deletion



ELA merged mining hash power
ELA merged mining, as a crucial component of AuxPOW+DPoS, an Elastos hybrid consensus mechanism, has greatly guaranteed the security of Elastos’s main network by borrowing bitcoin’s powerful hash power. Besides, major mining pools show their support for Elastos and join ELA merged mining in succession. In this way, the main network of Elastos will get stronger and stronger. Data show that the highest peak value of the main network hash power of Elastos is about 57.78% of the total network hash power of BTC.


DPoS online voting proportion
DPOS Supernode, as one of the three consensuses of Elastos, represents that all members of the global Elastos community can serve as guardians of the blockchain network, providing computing and verification for Elastos network. Besides, it has fully mobilized the activity of Elastos community and the enthusiasm of members to participate. According to ELA Wallet data, a total of 88 supernodes participated in the statistical summary, with the node voting accounting for 14.08% of the total.

Source: ELA Wallet

· Community News·

Media CoinGape published an article “Can Elastos Network Compete with Ethereum in Blockchain Application?” With the great popularity of DeFi, Ethereum has become jammed once again. Before the ETH 2.0 upgrade, this issue will always remain unresolved. Elastos has adopted the core functions of Ethereum, and developed a complete set of tools. The article focuses on the advantages of Elastos from the aspects of security, decentralized identity verification, decentralized storage, and transaction fees.

● Chen Rong, founder of Elastos, tweeted to explain how Elastos endowed individuals with rights and established the consensus.

● Recently, China Korea Blockchain Week, sponsored by Biyong and co-organized by Jinse and BiShiJie, etc., was held in the Biyong community as scheduled. Elastos co-founder Han Feng was invited to attend the event and shared his ideas. Han shared with everyone the significance of the rise of DeFi and the future it represents, as well as the direction in which Elastos will develop DeFi.

● The third anniversary of Elastos has come to a close, and some of the content has not been displayed in detail during the sharing process. The leader of the Elastos community team has made a series of videos, covering the project progress-roadmap-development plan and so on, to commemorate the third anniversary. The videos are used to show the progress of each project team to the community one by one.

English Community

Invited by Huobi, ClarenceLiu shared AMA in the Turkish community of Huobi.

● ClarenceLiu shared why it was more difficult to attack the Elastos network than Ethereum. The video is available at: The Smart Web Sessions

ClarenceLiu posted an article “CR Regions & Elastos (2.0?)”, sharing his views on the current status of Elastos and CR and the areas where he intended to carry out main optimizations in the future, including user experience, brand reshaping, etc., The full text link: -regions-elastos-2–0–8b4b62230b8a

· CR Proposal News ·

#48 Proposal on Establishing a Close Communication Mechanism Between CR Committee Members and EF

#50 Proposal on the Exchange’s New Role as a Market Maker

#51 Proposal on Establishing Elastos Guardians in the Telegram Group

Detailed Content:

#48 Proposal on Establishing a Close Communication Mechanism Between CR Committee Members and EF

Proposed by: Lin Junqiang

Number of likes:🌟 *4

Summary: Several issues encountered in the current CR management


  1. Insufficient interaction between the development team and community members;
  2. CR committee members do not know the definite development route and latest progress of the project;
  3. Some development opinions and optimization and modification suggestions collected by CR committee members. Professional opinions from the development team unavailable.

A regular communication mechanism between the development team and CR committee members proposed:

  1. Every week CR committee members collect community members’ questions required to be answered by the development team as well as their opinions and suggestions and opinions;
  2. CR committee members sort out the above materials and send them to the secretary by email prior to every Friday;
  3. The secretary submits the summarized materials to EF, and then can obtain the feedback from EF through face-to-face interviews, telephone calls, emails, etc., and finally make it public to the community.

Proposal status: Elevated to #28

#50 Proposal on the Exchange’s New Role as a Market Maker

Proposed by:ClarenceLiu

Number of likes: 🌟*15


As the listing on the new exchange proceeds, we are ready to take the next step, i.e., contacting the “CR to act as a market maker”.

This is not only a must in some exchanges (including our new exchange), but it also helps increase the liquidity of ELA in the exchange, making it easier for trading.

The good news is that we’ve found a market maker which agreed to provide this service free of charge. This is a true external market maker. However, since this is a huge advantage for us, the market maker requests to remain anonymous.

The market maker is not profit-oriented. However, through normal operations, any unexpected remaining profits will be returned at 75% of the repayable to the CR fee address while MM keeps 25% (calculated in USDT).

In addition, the lack of liquidity is the reason for the delisting of the upcoming exchange and delisting exchanges. Therefore, this proposal is of crucial importance.

Proposal status: Elevated to #29

#51 Proposal on Establishing Elastos Guardians in the Telegram Group:

Proposed by elastos sach

Number of likes:🌟*7


To get rid of the negative emotions in the telegram group chat, and to create a positive and productive environment, so that the community can easily join them, and inspire the enthusiasm of new community members.

The above suggestions are still in heated discussion. If you have a better idea, please leave a message on the CR webpage and discuss with us, and the website address is 👇

· Quick overview of ecological applications·

In this issue of elastOS Intelligence Station, let’s learn about Feeds and Vouch together.

Feeds is an Elastos-based dApp ecological project. A concept that Elastos has always advocated is “You own your data”. Feeds happen to be a perfect personification of this concept. Feeds is a social networking platform dedicated to providing a platform for public conversations and allowing users to post their latest news and ideas. Users can deploy their own servers and have their data in their own hands.

Currently, Feeds has released the version v1.2.0. The updates and optimizations of this version are as follows:

  1. Support logout from Feeds Capsule;
  2. When the DID user has a nickname, the nickname is aromatically displayed;
  3. Support editing/deleting the published Weipin content;
  4. Support editing/deleting the displayed comments;
  5. Users can check whether the DID is uplinked when they log on to Feeds Capsule. If not, users can initiate an uplink transaction.

● Since the Elastos E sidechain working group community team and Chainlink decided to integrate resources together, the Elastos sidechain working group has been contacting Elastos, a decentralized oracle machine service provider, to support the cross-chain stabilization protocol established on the Elastos E sidechain.

Recently Elastos has released the DeFi roadmap after the Chainlink integration:

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