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Sep 15, 2020

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CR Herald Biweekly Update — — Sep 9th

The bi-weekly newspaper will continue to bring you the recent news of Elastos community. Enjoy your reading. 👇

Elastos, as an operating system (OS) designed by the Modern Internet, takes the blockchain as the trusted foundation and uses various technical components and unique system architecture of Elastos as the underlying infrastructure to operate in a way different from the traditional Internet infrastructure.

With the continuous development of the Modern Internet of Elastos, its infrastructure and technical components have seen increasingly abundant contents. In this regard, CR Biweekly regularly collects important data and community trends from mainstream platforms, in a bid to shed light upon the all-around development of Elastos.

· Important data tracking

Important data of Elastos shown in this article include: code update data, market value ranking data, joint mining data, DPoS supernode and other data.

● Elastos Coincodecap platform code data

As a vital embodiment of the value of the blockchain project, code data has always been paid great attention to by the blockchain community. In the code ranking part, the ranking of Coincodecap was captured.

Coincodecap is a data website that specializes in tracking GitHub updates of blockchain projects. It has tracked over 700 projects by capturing GitHub data and is authoritative for technical updates such as blockchain project codes. Among the major platforms for blockchain project code rating, the activity of Elastos code is continuously updated. In Coincodecap’s annual activity ranking, Elastos ranks 22nd and Elastos code ranks 15th.

● As the world’s largest encrypted data website, Elastos CMC platform data CoinMarketCap is a crucial link in the encrypted currency ecology. The price, market value, circulation and other data it provides are widely referenced by investors and are channels for investors to understand real-time market information such as blockchain projects.

According to CMC data, ELA ranked 140th in the CMC’s market value ranking in August, with a circulation of 17,244,540 ELA and a circulation market value of $30,785,316 USD.


Elastos GitHub platform code data

GitHub, as the world’s largest open source code hosting platform, is an important reference basis for open source project code development. Elastos has many code bases on GitHub. Among them, there are a great many of substantial code achievements on the main chain, side chain, Trinity, Carrier, wallet and other code bases of Elastos Project. Many different types of SDK codes provide call methods and authentication methods for different programming languages, and offer rich materials and abundant development tools for the developer community.

Currently, Elastos GitHub database contains a total of more than 100 subproject code bases for community members and developers to view GitHub database, carry out retrieval and view code updates. According to the collation of the developer community, this article presents the daily active code statistics library for the vast number of developers and third-party organizations. The address base contains 22 daily active code bases since Elastos Github was established in 2018. The address of Elastos GitHub’s daily active code statistic library is:

Meanwhile, according to the relevant code activity statistical tools provided by the developer community, the update and code activity of Elastos Github codes can be obtained through the statistical tools to retrieve statistical database data.

According to the captured statistical database data, the monthly active data is shown in the figure:

Code Active Data from August 8 to September 8

Total submission


Total modification


Total addition


Total deletion



ELA merged mining hash power
ELA merged mining, as a crucial component of AuxPOW+DPoS, an Elastos hybrid consensus mechanism, has greatly guaranteed the security of Elastos’s main network by borrowing bitcoin’s powerful hash power. Besides, major mining pools show their support for Elastos and join ELA merged mining in succession. In this way, the main network of Elastos will get stronger and stronger. Data show that the highest peak value of the main network hash power of Elastos is about 57.78% of the total network hash power of BTC.


DPoS online voting proportion
DPOS Supernode, as one of the three consensuses of Elastos, represents that all members of the global Elastos community can serve as guardians of the blockchain network, providing computing and verification for Elastos network. Besides, it has fully mobilized the activity of Elastos community and the enthusiasm of members to participate. According to ELA Wallet data, a total of 88 supernodes participated in the statistical summary, with the node voting accounting for 14.08% of the total.

Source: ELA Wallet

· Community News·

Chinese Community

● On August 22nd, the online celebration of the third anniversary of the Chinese community of Elastos was successfully carried out, and three founding team members of Elastos, two ecological partners, three community media, community activists and other heavyweight guests and community representatives were invited to talk about the technological progress, ecological construction and growth of Elastos as a blockchain autonomous community.

Sharing by eco-partners: BrianXin, leader of the ElastosDMA team, said in the experience sharing that the process from recognizing the market to producing real products is a great challenge. Therefore, we are required to constantly understand the market and promote the production of real products in accordance with the laws of free-market economy, which is of great importance for the development of applications. At the level of ecological application development, instead of doing merely what we consider is correct, but what is needed in the market, the result of this is to be most easily recognized by the market. The moment commercial applications are truly implemented and operated in Elastos is the real success time of Elastos ecology.

Wang Ding, the initiator of ELASWAP proposal and co-founder of Bit.Game of Elastos ecology, said at the event that his team had done a lot of practice and exploration in the dApp and DeFi fields, and achieved good results. The key work in the next stage are the formulation and promotion of the new NFT standard.

Shawn, the co-founder of BV Capital, shared at the event that Elastos has outstanding performance in various indicators and enjoys an optimistic prospect in terms of its future development value. During the sharing, Mr. Shawn explained the reason why he was optimistic about the value investment logic of ELA.

Community Panel: Chinese Community media shared their views on the growth of Elastos in the past three years from the third perspective. In addition, the views of various media on “the next round of bull market is to attract mainstream Internet traffic and users to blockchain digital assets” was also shared.

As for the discussion of the Elastos economic model, several communities “KOL” — Lin Junqiang, BrianXin, Mao and DUO were invited to discuss this topic during the third-anniversary event.

● On August 28th, the “B•Summer 2020” Thousand-person Conference hosted by Bzone and Shenzhen Media Group Financial Channel was held at Sheraton Shenzhen Futian Hotel. Han Feng, co-founder of Elastos, was invited to participate in the DeFi thematic round table and shared his views on the topic of “how to view the booming market of DeFi in 2020?”.

● At present, the topic of DeFi in the blockchain industry continues to be hot, and related explorations are also being carried out in the Elastos community. For example, the Elastos ETH side chain working group is working on integrating the Chainlink oracles. Feng Han, co-founder of Elastos, also said: Elastos is planning to develop a real oracle and build a bridge between the virtual digital asset world and the traditional Internet market or traditional finance, so that mainstream traffic entering the digital asset world can be truly realized.

Recently, Chen Rong, founder of Elastos, released the news and expounded his views on DeFi.

● Recently, a ranking list with great reference value was compiled by CMC Analytics 2020 by analyzing numerous projects on Github. According to the analysis data of CMC in 2020, Elastos ranked fifth in CMC’s Github Activity Ranking in 2020, and submitted 7456 commits over the past year.

● The third anniversary of Elastos has just ended. In view of the fact that some of the content has not been shown in detail during the sharing process, the third anniversary series of videos were produced by the leaders of various Elastos teams, covering project progress — roadmap — development plan, etc., to show the community the progress of each project team one by one.

English Community

● The KP of the Tuum team explained in the third anniversary AMA how to provide excellent operating environment for developers with the native application options of Capsules and elastOS desktop version.

● Crypto Focus released the latest self-made comic style video introducing the Elastos project, so that the community could easily understand the infrastructure of the Elastos project. For more details, please click the link:

CR Proposal News

Latest proposal: #45 Proposal for CR voting rules #46 Proposal for perfecting Ethereum side chain tools

Detailed content:

#45 Proposal for CR voting rules

Sponsor: Ela cloud

Number of likes: *3

Summary: To solve the shortcomings of the current voting mechanism of CR committee members: this proposal is proposed to modify the voting rules since that the majority of members submitted their votes to the blockchain near the voting deadline, which made the decision-making inefficient and created an undesirable voting atmosphere.

The following changes were made to the current CR voting rules:

1. The voting information about each member will not be displayed in advance before all CR members have finished voting and submitted their votes to the blockchain;

2. If, within seven days, all the members have submitted their votes to the blockchain or 2/3 of the members have voted in favor, the results will be directly publicized. Members who have not voted during the publicity period are entitled to continue voting without waiting for the 7-day deadline to display the results.

Proposal status: voting

#46 Proposal for perfecting Ethereum sidechain tools

Sponsor: Harry Liu

Number of likes:*9

Summary: Two improvement suggestions are put forward in this proposal. The first improvement is designed to improve the stability of Ethereum sidechain blockchain explore and enhance the user experience of developers. The second improvement is designed to develop Elamask blockchain plug-in wallet to better support the use of sidechain developers and users.

Proposal status: proposal under discussion

The above suggestions are still under heated discussion. If case of any better ideas, please leave a message on the CR webpage for discussion. Click on the website address:

Quick overview of ecological application

● The elastOS station series has been dedicated to leading everyone to learn about new applications and experience new features. In this issue of elastOS information station, we will learn about Feeds and Vouch together.

Feeds is a dApp ecological project based on elastOS. elastOS has always advocated the concept of “You own your data”, and Feeds is just the perfect implementer of this concept. Feeds is a social networking platform dedicated to serving the public dialogue and allowing users to post their latest trends and ideas. Users are capable of deploying their own servers and control their own data in their own hands.

Vouch is a kind of KYC service. With the decentralized ID (DID), the need to verify the identity will be required based on different application requirements in some scenarios. However, higher costs are required in the implementation of KYC, and differences can be seen in the implementation of KYC between different regions. In view of these situations, the method of introducing the identity of the Internet into the decentralized identity system was adopted by Vouch.

● Since the decision to jointly integrate resources was made by the community team of Elasto ETH side chain working group and Chainlink, Elastos ETH side chain working group has been committed to accessing Chainlink, a decentralized oracle service provider, to support the construction of a cross-chain stable protocol based on the Elastos ETH side chain.

Links to details of the progress of Elastos integration with Chainlink:

Week 1:

Week 2:

Wee 3–4:

● Ledger is a hardware wallet that implements multi-currency management. It solves major security problems by providing a layer of trustworthiness between the blockchain system and the physical world: private keys can be protected from hacker attacks with the help of security devices to mitigate the influence of intermediaries.

At present, ELA has been formally integrated into the Ledger after intensive development by developers in the Elastos community. Now, users and development teams in the ecosystem of Yilai Cloud can use Ledger’s refrigeration equipment to store and transfer ELA and participate in the DPoS consensus of Yilai Cloud. Now, Ledger’s cold storage equipment can be utilized by users and development teams in the Elastos ecosystem to store and transfer ELA, and participate in the Elastos DPoS consensus.