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May 12, 2020

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CR Herald Interview with CR Frigate

community members who intend to participate in the CR election are setting about making preparations for the election. And this time, CR Herald has interviewed a new candidate, CR Frigate, which is set up by 5 talented guys.

Let’s start!

  1. Please introduce your education background, occupation and hobbies, etc.

Our team has 5 members.

KK is from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and the rest of us are from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Kiana majored in Global Learning Opportunities in Business Education. She was a co-founder of Digifinex and former deputy general manager of Baidu. With a firm belief in the future of science and technology, she has spent most of her time in listed technology companies and played a vital role in establishing partnerships with upper-level units and government agencies. Her expectations for the blockchain led her to set up Digifinex, a multinational digital asset platform.

Joel graduated from urban planning and once worked in a government agency. He is currently the co-founder of 2 retail start-ups. He joined Elastos in 2018 and has been actively promoting the project. He is one of the nodes of DPoS and the author and translator of CR News Team.

KK majored in finance and information systems. He is a former eBay full-stack engineer and a winner of several international hacker marathons. He founded his own software company to provide solutions for customers including Fortune 50 companies. Besides, he has set up a popular e-commerce solution company and blockchain media in Southeast Asia.

KM has worked in multiple investment banks. With rich regulatory experience, he may manage regulatory agencies in terms of AML/KYC and provide advice on compliance. He is an investor in encrypted currency and is optimistic about the future of blockchain technology and Elastos. Also, he looks forward to contributing to the Elastos project.

In our team, there is also an executive of a securities firm and partner of a venture capital institution who has over a decade of management experience and is mainly responsible for investor relations and cooperation.

2. Where did you know about Elastos and how did you understand the Elastos project?

All of us have experience in investing in encrypted currencies. Joel was the first one in the team to know Elastos. At first, he made investment in bitcoin, Ethernet and other projects, and knew about Elastos in the process of exploring potential projects. After gaining certain understanding and insight, he was optimistic about the future and technology of Elastos, thus joining the community and promoting it all the time.

Though with a great vision, Elastos poses a wide range of challenges during implementation. However, after more than two years of development, the infrastructure of Elastos has almost been completed. This is a very good time to promote Elastos. In our view, Elastos has solved 3 main problems based on the current Internet: network security, privacy protection and data ownership affirmation.

For individuals, these improvements enable them to use the Internet more safely, their rights are better protected, and their creations can be authenticated in the future. This may change people’s working style, giving individuals more autonomy in their work and allowing them to achieve better returns through creations. Moreover, as Mr. Han Feng said, personal data and digital property will bring credit and thus wealth. If succeeded, a new economic system will be generated.

We are very excited to participate in such meaningful and opportunity-filled project. We call ourselves CR Frigate because we are carrying Elastos technology to the future. This is an attempt, and we are willing to act as a frigate to smooth the journey.

3. How do you understand CR and its significance to Elastos?

As put by Mr. Chen Rong, Elastos is characterized by “yin” and “inaction”. For example, after years of development, Elastos has become a fertile land for cultivation. CR has pooled people with the same vision to enthusiastically carry out various activities to jointly establish a network of security and data ownership affirmation.

CR is a brand-new attempt. With rare references, it has much room for development. During the process, efforts should be made to establish systems, rules, currency issuance, etc., and optimization should also be carried out while operating. We have engaged in a wide range of financial fields and can provide professional advice.

4. What have you done or contributed to Elastos Community?

Joel joined Elastos in 2018. At first, he joined as an investor and felt the pain brought by the fall of the currency price from a high level. But he clearly recognized the essence of the currency circle. In a period of time, he read tremendous information concerning blockchain and science and technology. He knew that there are few projects that can be implemented and widely used, and Elastos is definitely one of them.

Joel has been promoting Elastos. He worked as a translator for Elastos and CR. Later, he participated in the DPoS node election and set up ELONSEN supernode. He has been introducing Elastos to people around him since he knew about it. He realized that a community should be developed by not only enthusiastic community members, but by like-minded people outside. Therefore, he launched the CR Frigate to run for CRC election to build Elastos together. Currently, our team has members from commercial, financial, encrypted currency, media and other sectors, and we will effectively promote the development of Elastos in the future.

5. What is your CR’s election manifesto and main ideas?

Very simple. “Bring commercial success to Elastos”, which is related to the commercial and financial backgrounds of our team members. We firmly believe that the establishment of an enterprise is a key step before implementation in the mass market. We will concentrate on Asia (mainly China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and South Korea) and Europe to establish contacts in finance, media, recruitment and marketing.

With the experience and network of our team, we will contact investors to explain the unique strengths of Elastos in many blockchain projects. We will work with investors to create seed funds as a platform to attract start-ups and developers to create businesses. We will also liaise with the local financial sector to learn about the latest policies and suggestions.

6. What advantages do you think you have in the CR election?

Our advantages are reflected in the following 5 aspects:

Positive action-We believe that it is a good timing to actively promote Elastos to the general public and even the blockchain industry. Therefore, we quickly found a team of people from the encrypted currency circle and traditional finance and commerce to effectively promote Elastos.

International vision and bilingualism-Our team members often work at home and abroad, using both Chinese and English to work with people from different regions and cultural backgrounds, which is of great help to facilitate communication with CR Committee members and the community.

Professionalism-Team members have financial and compliance backgrounds and have rich experience in both traditional and encryption fields. We will list ELA on Digifinex, one of the world’s leading digital asset platforms.

Experience and network-We have experience in technology giants, multinational enterprises and the establishment of start-ups. Our network and experience can undoubtedly help find opportunities for business cooperation.

Dedication-Since we knew about Elastos in 2018, we have been promoting our team members to serve the community. We have been acting as a supernode and contributing to the community through writing and knowledge dissemination. In the future, we will also contribute our capabilities to Elastos.

7. If you are selected as a CR member, which kind of community work will you focus on to promote the development and construction of Elastos?

We believe that the development of commerce, marketing and large-scale application is the key for Elastos to seize the market share of the modern Internet. The idea of developing commerce has already been mentioned above.

In terms of marketing, it is necessary to introduce Elastos to the believers in the blockchain and the general public who have not yet known Elastos. In addition to the encrypted/blockchain media channels that we already got in touch, we are also seeking to establish a wider network of mainstream channels to report news about Elastos and CR. With the increase of apps available to the public, the market exposure of Elastos will also expand, so the success of the enterprise can also bring publicity effect.

In this data-driven era, marketing should be carried out strategically to maximize benefits. We encourage marketing/media experts in the community to form a team. People who are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the information they spread will get better results. Another aspect of marketing methods is education. We will help organize university activities and seek cooperation with local coding schools. We are also committed to organizing/participating in the hacker marathon.

We believe that the establishment of a vertical commercial field is the first step before the mass market, and the large-scale adoption of the modern Internet is the ultimate goal. As people are gradually realizing the importance of data privacy, Elastos also provides solutions to enable the public to get rid of the manipulation of large technology companies. But this process takes time and requires multiple killer apps to change people’s behavior.

We should adopt a more active approach to speed up the adoption. The advantage of Elastos is that it allows users to make profits from their digital assets and even private data. Direct benefits are the best way to motivate people to change their behavior. We should start with small-scale businesses to promote individual participation. Uptick is a good example, which allows ticket sellers and resellers to benefit from the platform’s business operations. We will help create a business-friendly environment, help merchants build their own businesses, and encourage community members to develop locally. First of all, we will quickly open up the situation with this method and actively prepare for the public to participate in the era of “data capitalization” in the next few years.

8. If you become a CR member, how do you plan to communicate with the community? How to better serve the community?

Elastos is a modern Internet that everyone can use. Cyber Republic is made up of communities and is crucial to the whole ecology and the success of the project. We will collect community opinions through our exclusive channels (Telegraph Group, WeChat, Twitter) and public discussion platforms (e.g. CR Forum, Reddit, Elastos Telegraph Group, etc.). CR Forum is a platform for classifying themes, making it easier for everyone to follow a certain theme. We hope that the Committee and the community can use this forum more frequently for exchanges and discussions.

10. If you become a CR member, what expectations do you have for CR?

We are looking forward to seeing a formal committee take office, and the community can make decisions and promote projects for development.

We see that the community has many ideas to develop and promote Elastos. We will encourage community members to contribute their talents to build platforms and ecology and actively participate through CR suggestions/proposals and investment opportunities we have expanded. We are also glad to see that CRC has many teams with different fields and abilities running for office. We look forward to working with members of the CR Committee to promote Elastos.

11. If you become a CR member, what are your plans for the technical personnel?

We believe that developers are the key to the success of Elastos Project. However, developers have limited resources and they have different blockchain projects to choose from. They will select the blockchain development platform according to the number of users. In addition, developers themselves are not necessarily the main promoters of a project.

Therefore, we first hope to bring enterprises, investors and entrepreneurs to the Elastos Platform. Investors will evaluate the risks and returns of their investments. Entrepreneurs themselves have market sense and execution and may integrate elements (including developers) that can make a project successful. After establishing an enterprise with a certain scale, we will attract developers to join Elastos Ecology.

In this regard, we plan to create seed funds with investors at the beginning, cooperate with projects led by entrepreneurs, and engage developers with these projects with market demands. In this way, we may easily achieve success in these projects. Investors have higher return expectations, which can increase the number of users and daily active users.

12. Do you have any other information you want to convey to the Elastos Community?

After a bull-bear, people who still pay attention to Elastos are optimistic about its vision and technology. With the launch of interfaces for developers and even users this year, it is now in the darkness before dawn. We are very glad that the CR Committee will officially take office at this important timing and will more actively promote the implementation and application of Elastos by virtue of the accumulated strength of the community. With years of efforts and vigorous promotion in the following years, we are optimistic that Elastos will usher in the harvest season.

*Thanks to CR Frigate for receiving our interview!