CR Herald Interview with Tryo Lee

community members who intend to participate in the CR election are setting about making preparations for the election. And recently, CR Hearld is about to interview those Community candidates, so that we can get a statement of their opinions and relevant experience and competence on CR forum or through community channels.

This time we invited Tryo Lee, who comes from Chinese community.

Let’s start!

Tryo Lee is a member of the Elastos Chinese community. As one of the earliest contributors to the Elastos community, he has been active in both the Chinese and English communities of Elastos and participated in the establishment of Chinese and English Telegram.

Please introduce your background and interests.

Hello everyone, my name on WeChat is Tryo Lee. After graduating from Wenzhou University with a degree in engineering, I worked in export business for seven or eight years, during which I tried to start my own business many times without much success. Now I’m running a very small startup company that mainly engages in providing some local customers with computer accessories and other simple services. As a result, I now have more spare time, during which I like to do some exercises to keep fit and occasionally go out for travel. I don’t have any particular interest in something or long-time hobbies, but cryptocurrency is something that has been an interest of mine for quite some time.

How did you first know about Elastos? Do you have any unique insights into the Elastos project?

I stumbled into the world of virtual currency back in March 2017. Looking back, I was fortunate to join at a time before the start of the bull market, and as a result I gradually took the chances to participate in many projects, including going to Shanghai and Hangzhou for various meetups and roadshows. After some time I came into contact with the Inchain, the former name of NULS project. I got to know Mr. Feng Han through the Inchain WeChat community and later read his work “Blockchain and Quantum Wealth”, which led to my participation in the Elastos project.

In the beginning, I didn’t understand Elastos, but through learning and paying attention to project development, I began to gradually understand that it is about building a new Modern Internet infrastructure and the reason behind such vision is that the current Internet has certain flaws and we need to build a more secure and trusted Internet. This is something worth trying because on this brand new Internet, all participants can jointly form a “modern internet-based private economy”. This is a very ambitious vision, much like that China once had for its reform and opening up. Looking at the achievements brought about by China’s reform. I am willing to contribute my meager efforts to the realization of this vision.

What is CR and what does it mean to the development of Elastos?

CR is the collective name of Elastos communities, it consists of Elastos contributors and token holders, including Elastos Foundation, the founding team, partners in the Elastos ecosystem and other individuals and teams willing to contribute to the development of Elastos technologies and communities. For Elastos, CRC is a brand-new consensus method besides PoW and DPoS. As a consensus between CRs in the Elastos community and a consensus mechanism for community governance, CRC represents a revolutionary innovation in the blockchain industry and its success would be as impactful as that of DPoS.

As a senior member of the Elastos Chinese and English communities, how will you describe the contributions you’ve made to the communities?

Like a drop of water in a running river, I’m just an ordinary member of the community who has been with the Elastos project since the very first day. I participated in the creation of the Elastos Chinese and English Telegram and the early publicity works for the Elastos project. I have never given up on the Elastos project. As for my contribution, I think it is to do what I can, including paying attention to the development of Elastos, actively disseminating project-related information, and answering questions in the communities. I hope that I can continue to do these things for Elastos and watch it grow in the future. I also hope that all community members can work together as the future development of Elastos depends on our joint effort.

What is your manifesto and main proposition as a CR council candidate?

My manifesto is: To actively focus on the progress of the project, respond to questions from the community, promote project development and protect investor interests.

My proposition is: That community members can try to understand Elastos’ vision and deem the realization of such vision as a fundamental task, therefore making active contributions to the success of related projects and investments.

What advantages do you think you have as a CR council candidate?

I don’t think I have any advantage other than knowing more people as an early participant in the community. However, I will make it my responsibility to protect the best interests of the majority of investors. At the same time, it will continue to actively distribute news and information about Elastos, so as to let more people know Elastos and come to Elastos for investment, starting up a business and making other contributions.

If you are successfully elected into the CR council, what will be your focus in promoting the construction and development of Elastos through CR? What kind of specific methods will you take?

If I am successfully elected, I will continue to be active in the community as always and make positive contributions to the development of Elastos together with other CR members because we know that Elastos still has a long way to go to be completely successful. At the same time, with respect to what to do with the 16.5 million ELA tokens as a currently most concerned topic, I will definitely try to find a balanced approach that takes into account the interests of all parties and deemed satisfactory to all. As for specific method, I strongly recommend to destroy most tokens and ensure that the remaining tokens are handled in a safe manner to avoid the malicious use of tokens and damage to investor interests.

If you become a CR council member, what will be your approach in communicating with and serving the Elastos communities?

I will conduct communication mainly through Chinese community, WeChat and Telegram, etc. In order to better serve the community, a CR council member must devote a certain amount of personal time to his work. If I am successfully elected into the CR council, I can guarantee to devote more than 20 hours a week to the works for the Elastos communities, the specific content of which includes but is not limited to community services and other basic responsibilities as a council member.

Finally, please tell us what you think about the prospects of CR.

I hope that CR council members can make joint efforts in deepening their understanding of Elastos, seeing things from the perspective of overall situation, protecting the interests of community investors and ensuring the development of the project itself and trying to balance the interests of all parties, so as to make CRC the most powerful consensus method besides PoW and DPoS and realize its true potential in the industry.

Thanks to Tryo Lee for receiving our interview!



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we are the most powerful ELASTOS fan club~ follow us now!🥰 #ELA #ELASTOS #BLOCKCHAIN